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Movement to Make the 1986 Act Irrelevant to Protect Our Children

(Originally published February 16, 2024)

I had a conversation with Greg Penglis, the host of Action Radio. I had been a guest on his show a few weeks ago. Greg has been doing his show for 10 years. His mission is to get ordinary people to write bills for Congress that are beneficial for us the people. You can watch the edited show on Bitchute and Rumble.

Greg realizes that many of the laws that are already on the books are unconstitutional and are not to our benefit. He can see clearly how corrupt all 3 branches of the government are. He believes that writing Citizen Bills and taking them to Congress will solve our problems.

One thing I like to do on my show is demonstrate that two people who have very different viewpoints can have a friendly conversation even though they do not agree on many things. They don’t have to fight and have a heated debate. I always have friendly conversations with people I don’t agree with.

Greg launched his show ten years ago with the intention of being the greatest talk show host. I launched my show 9 years ago with the intention of waking up humanity to the Universal Truth of Oneness. Greg knows that the government is completely corrupt, however, Greg believes that his Citizen Bills will one day be passed by Congress. It has been 10 years and none of his Citizen Bills have yet to be passed by Congress.

I had an inspired idea in the middle of the night and launched a grassroots campaign to educate parents. To educate parents about the things I had learned in the past 4 years about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and the Supreme Court ruling in 2011 in the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC case. I have been told by many people that my idea is brilliant.

Even though the family lost that case, which was an illegal ruling by the Supreme Court; the family should have won that case. Nevertheless, the corrupt court ruled in favor of Big Pharma. However, I see where we can use that illegal ruling to our benefit. The court ruled that “Vaccines are Unavoidably Unsafe". An UNSAFE product cannot be mandated. That goes against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.

In this show I recorded with Greg, I had to edit him out a lot. Because he only wanted to talk about what the courts should do, not about what the courts are doing. He only wanted to talk about his Citizen Bills changing the already existing unjust laws. I even had to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to him. "One has a moral responsibility to disobey UNJUST Laws.” 

Greg was stuck on trying to fix the corrupt system, which I know that the corrupt system cannot be fixed. I did not argue with him, you can see we had a friendly conversation. However, I did edit out his irrelevant commentary, because it was taking away from the main point of the conversation. The point of the conversation was a grassroots movement having people take back their power. A movement to make a corrupt, unconstitutional law obsolete and irrelevant.

The mission of the movement is to educate the public. Even Greg was not aware of the Supreme Court ruling in 2011 which is the KEY to our success. We are taking that ruling and making it work for our benefit. I have created a few downloadable PDF files that you can download and share. The more people that learn this important information the more successful we can be and the sooner we can stop vaccine injuries and deaths.

Sharable Downloadable PDF Files:- Open Letter to Del Bigtree & ICAN

- Informational Handout #2(optional background)

Anyone can help with this movement, and if you want to reach out to me, please do so on my contact page. Let’s educate parents and everyone so we can take control of our family’s health. I don’t want another parent to have to bury their child because of a preventable vaccine injury.

You can see my guest appearance on Action Radio here on Rumble and you can watch Action Radio airs on Rumble:

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