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Guest Appearance on Gareth Icke Tonight

I had the honor of being a guest on Gareth Icke Tonight on the Ickonic Network. You can see the entire show on the Ickonic Network. Our conversation focused on the grassroots movement to make the 1986 Act Irrelevant and Obsolete, by educating the public to the Supreme Court ruling in 2011. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, declared vaccines to be UNSAFE. This gives everyone the right to a medical exemption from all vaccines.

Movement to Make the 1986 Act Irrelevant
to Protect Our Children

I had a conversation with Greg Penglis, the host of Action Radio. I had been a guest on his show a few weeks ago. Greg has been doing his show for 10 years. His mission is to get ordinary people to write bills for Congress that are beneficial for us the people. Greg was stuck on trying to fix the corrupt system, which I know that the corrupt system cannot be fixed. I did not argue with him, you can see we had a friendly conversation. However, I did edit out his irrelevant commentary, because it was taking away from the main point of the conversation. The point of the conversation was a grassroots movement having people take back their power. A movement to make a corrupt, unconstitutional law obsolete.

My Guest Appearance on Action Radio

I was a guest live on a political podcast. This was interesting because I am not political at all. My takeaway from this show. Humanity has allowed themselves to be placed in a cage, however, they hold the keys to that cage in their own hand. Yet many refuse to use the keys when you tell them they can set themselves FREE. Trying to get people to think “out of the cage” they have been placed in their entire life, it is so difficult for people to take off the shackles.

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