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Del Bigtree is Full of Double Talk and Half-Truths – Open Letters

I am a mother whose daughter was killed by a mandatory vaccine she had to take to attend college. She had not had boosters to attend kindergarten. When she applied for college she had to get caught up on her vaccines.

I had Del Bigtree of the Highwire as a guest on my podcast in the spring of 2020. I have reached out to him and his team on several occasions with questions and have been ignored.

Del is full of double talk, and I know this for a FACT. There was only one member of Del’s team that replied to my email in 2022. I had a long email exchange with Del’s manager Jimmy Scherrer and was told in no uncertain terms Del will not have a debate between expert doctors and scientists who can prove that viruses have never been isolated and purified. Therefore, since these so-called particles (viruses) have not been isolated and purified they cannot be shown to cause any illness or disease. Virology is FAKE science, pseudoscience.

They had Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Highwire one time, to say they have. However, Del did not want to have Dr. Kaufman as a guest, he only did it because of all the many requests he received. There are so many more doctors, virologists, and scientists that Del could have on his show showing this evidence, however, he refuses to do so. Therefore, when Del says he is all about the whole truth he is not at all. I will post my entire email exchange with Jimmy below.

There is a team of expert doctors and scientists who created THE VIRUS CHALLENGE several years ago. Stating that they are willing to meet virologists halfway. In the first instance they propose that the methods currently in use, experiments for Viral Theory, are put to the test. Thus far no virologists have lived up to this challenge. If the field of virology is real, it should be very easy to prove. However, no one can. Why don’t they come to the table and settle this debate once and for all?

Also, since my daughter’s passing in December 2022, I have been asking this one very important question to Del and his team, which just gets ignored. The question is “How do you make poison safer?”. Del has said so many times that he is not an Anti-Vaxxer. He only wants to see safer vaccines. All vaccines are toxic and poisonous to the human body. Therefore, how do you make poison safer? He refuses to answer this important question. I first heard Peggy Hall pose this question on her YouTube channel.

It is hard for me to watch the Highwire now as a mother whose daughter was killed by a mandatory vaccine. Because I can clearly see through all the half-truths and double talk from Del. After watching today’s episode, EPISODE 376: THE ART OF WAR, I wrote to Del one last time. I am going to openly share this email I just sent and the long email exchange I had with Del’s manager Jimmy in 2022.

In the episode 376, Del is doing a very poor job trying to make excuses for an ICAN Bill entitled Vaccine Confidence Bill. This is another Bill that will only strengthen vaccines mandated regardless of the wording. Just like there were built in safety regulations and stipulations in the Childhood National Vaccine Injury Act 1986 Act that have been completely ignored by the courts and congress since Reagan signed it in 1986.

Here is a stipulation that was written into the 1986 Act. If the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system was not maintained and updated properly, that liable for the manufacturers would be null and void. The VAERS Reporting system has NEVER been maintained and updated correctly. However, vaccine manufactures still get full liability protection. That is just one example, there are many like that.

Del knows as well as I do that these Bills only strengthen Big Pharma. Just like the 1986 Act was intended to help us, all it did was hurt us. More today than ever before, the 1986 Act needs to be repealed immediately. No more Bills that say they are to protect us, when all they do is harm us and our children. Del is just using a play on words to try to trick people into thinking that this outrageous Bill is a good thing.

I am not saying that the Highwire and ICAN have not done some good in exposing the harms of vaccines and Big Pharma. However, I am saying they are not being completely upfront, honest, transparent, and open. They are not showing all sides of the issue. If they were they would have the countless numbers of experts that say Germ Theory is still just a Theory, because it has never been proven.

The Highwire is based on Germ Theory which is an unproven theory. There must be a reason they will not present both sides of this discussion, Germ Theory vs Terrain. Terrain is not a theory, Terrain is a proven fact, however, Germ Theory is just a theory.

Once Germ Theory is proven to be false it will put an end to the entire discussion of vaccines. Because once this theory is proven to be false there will be absolutely no need for anything like a vaccine. Why does the Highwire not show all this evidence and have on these experts? Is it because once the Germ Theory lie is exposed, it will bring down the entire SHAME of vaccines.

I stopped watching mainstream News 23 years ago because of all the Fear Porn. There is way more Fear Porn being shovel out on the Highwire, and all of the Fear Porn is based on Germ Theory, which is false. I think that is why they don't want people to know the Truth. They don't want people to know that virology is fake science because their entire show is based on fake science and Fear Porn.

This episode was very appropriately named "The Art of War". Because the Globalists have always controlled both sides in every war. They always control both sides of the issue and listening to the Highwire, I can clearly see how they are controlling the information and conversation. They want you to be very afraid of viruses. They want you to be very afraid of the next Plandemic. Which that is exactly what Del is doing here.

Peggy Hall's Review of Del's Show Today - No More Bills Are Needed

(As I read through the email from 2022, I see where I state, at that time, I had no intentions of making my concerns public. We are past that stage and it’s time to make my concerns very public.)

(Email sent to Del and his team June 13, 2024)

Dear Del,

Here are two questions that you will not answer on your show. This coming from a mother whose daughter was killed by a mandated vaccine to attend college.

1)   Why don’t you show all the evidence that proves that virology is Fake Science? That no virus has ever been scientifically shown to exist. Not by using the TRUE scientific method. No virus has even been purified and proven to cause any illness. Why don’t you have the many doctors and scientists that will present this conversation on the Highwire?

2)   How do you make poison safer? You keep saying that you want safer vaccines. However, all vaccines are toxic and poisonous to the human body. Therefore, how do you make a safer poison?

I have addressed these questions many times and they always get ignored. It is so insulting to people when week after week you state how open and honest you are, and you avoid these important questions, time and time again.

Sincerely, Caroline Chang

(Sent to Del and his team on May 27, 2022)

Dear Del,

I am a parent of a vaccine injured child! I didn't mention this to you when you were a guest on my show 2 years ago. My daughter was diagnosed with MS when she was only 23 years old. She is now 41 years old and has been in a wheelchair for the past 7 years. I KNOW her MS was caused by the MMR vaccine she received as a baby.

From the first time you had Geert on your show, my thoughts are this guy is a quack. I know that Germ Theory was disproved in the early 1900's. This guy Greet is just in Big Pharma's pocket, no different than Fauci. I do not know why you have given this guy so much time on the Highwire. I never watch him when he is on your show. Of course, completely unvaccinated children and unvaccinated adults, like yourself, are FAR FAR healthier than vaccinated children and vaccinated adults.

I have asked several times that you host a scientific debate with doctors and scientists on both sides of Germ Theory and Terrain Theory. I am actually good friends with Dr. Andy Kaufman, and he has said to me that you told him privately you would not have this discussion on the Highwire. Because this was a private conversation between you and Andy, I have no intention of saying this publicly to anyone. However, I would LOVE to know why? 

When the WHOLE Truth is exposed that Germ Theory is a LIE of Big Pharma, that will put an end to all this madness.

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

(Reply from Jimmy Scherrer May28, 2022)

Hi Caroline, we have had Dr. Kaufman on the show to discuss Terrain Theory so I’m not sure what was discussed with Andy but here is the link to the episode he appeared on The HighWire.

Sincerely, James (Jimmy)Scherrer Del’s Manager

(My Reply to Jimmy May 28, 2022)

Dear Jimmy,

I know that you have had Dr. Andy on. My question was to have a conversation with both sides. Doctors and scientists from both sides, having a conversation about Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory. Andy tells me that Terrain is NOT a theory, while the Germ Theory was disproved over 100 years ago. It would be GREAT to see this on the Highwire!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

(Reply from Jimmy May 28, 2022) We have not seen any proof of Germ theory being disproved. If you have studies that you can share we would love to see them. 

Sincerely, James (Jimmy)Scherrer Del’s Manager

(Reply to Jimmy May 28, 2022) Dear Jimmy,

I can get this information for you from Andy. I will get you all the scientific studies. And also the very simple reason why virology is false.  Basically, when virology states that they are isolating a virus to prove it causes an illness. They do not actually isolate it. They do exact opposite; they mix saliva from a sick person with a bunch of other stuff including monkey kidney cells. I am out right now. However, I will get you the scientific studies to back up everything I am saying. Thank you!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline 

(Reply from Jimmy May 28, 2022) I understand the question regarding the debate, Del never told Andrew he would “never” discuss it on The Highwire, he said he needs to see the proof before that would happen. As you know, The HighWire protocol as we call it is we only report on issues and science that are a irrefutable and right now Terrain Theory is still only a theory. We have said that there needs to be a lot of money put towards that science to make sure the truth is known either way. The major problem with Terrain “Theory” right now as we under it, is that it’s very hard to get peoples heads to accept it and we’re moving mountains using their own science to change hearts and minds globally

Yes, we’ve heard that pitch but have never seen the data to confirm it. Appreciate you sending what you have when you can.

Sincerely, James (Jimmy)Scherrer Del’s Manager

(Reply to Jimmy May 28, 2022) Dear Jimmy,

Thank you so much for having this conversation with me. I do understand clearly what you are saying about proving Terrain "Theory". It is also important that Germ Theory truly be proven, which it has not been. Germ Theory is just a theory that was derived from Rockefeller Big Pharma medicine. 

I am still traveling, just stopped to get a cup of coffee. I am truly grateful to get the chance to help shine some light on this discussion. I think it is very important.

Hence my idea to get experts on both sides into a conversation. Not a debate, a real conversation. I will help get you the information you need to see how important this discussion is for Humanity at this time in history.

Thank you so much!

Much Love and Appreciation, Caroline  

(Reply to Jimmy May 28, 2022) Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory – Real Talk with Experts (show idea)

Dear Jimmy,

I am now home! This whole conversation of Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory started in the early 1900’s. Louis Pateur was the father of Germ Theory and Antoine Béchamp more or less the father of Terrain Theory. Pateur was heavily funded by the Rockefellers and the entire Germ Theory is grounded in Rockefeller western medicine. It is said that Pateur admitted on his death bed that Béchamp was correct. However, I realize that is not proof of anything.

I believe if Del hosts a conversation between the experts on both sides of this issue, it will be one of his biggest shows ever. Giving it a title like “Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory – Real Talk with Experts”. Again, I say not a debate, however a real discussion; allowing the viewers to make up their own minds. There doesn’t need to be any winners or losers. Also, there should be guidelines that both sides agree on.

In this Covid era and soon to be Monkeypox era, this is such an important conversation. I will get all the scientific evidence I can to send to you. Also, I want to mention it is not just Andy on this train, there are many doctors and scientists that are on board the Terrain Train. Here are just a few that I am aware of, and I know there are many more.

- Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Dr. Tom Cowan- Dr. Robert O. Young- Dr. Sam Bailey- Dr. Barre Lando- Dr. Kelly Brogan- Dr. Carrie Madej- Dr. Stefan Lanka- Dr. Mark McDonald

(Just to name a few, there are many more.)

Thank you so much for opening up the door for this very important conversation. Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

(Sent June 2, 2022) Dear Jimmy & Del,

I do appreciate you having this conversation with me. Here is the bottom line, Virology is Pseudoscience! One extremely simple FACT proves this statement to be TRUE. You cannot ISOLATE anything by MIXING it with a bunch of other stuff, including monkey kidney cells, and state you have isolated a virus. This is common sense! Also, when this EXACT procedure was done without any saliva or mucus from a sick person the EXACT SAME results occurred, time and time again. PROVING it is the procedure causing the results not any virus. The entire field of virology is a SCAM, and it does not take a scientist to come to this conclusion.

There was a Canadian man who won in court by just saying “Show me proof of a virus!” He won in court. I can look up his name and the case information if needed. The CDC has always admitted they have no evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These are facts.

Here is an article I tried to share on social media, and I was not able to share it. Leading Corona researchers admit that they have no scientific proof for the existence of a virus

I know Del knows the PCR Test cannot detect a virus, however, he still refers to the PCR Test results all the time on the Highwire. I would love to see the Highwire at least do a show or a series of shows that focus on all the evidence that viruses have never been isolated using Koch's Postulate, the gold standard in true isolation of a virus or bacteria. A show that has many of those experts I had listed in my previous email.

Why is the Highwire only focusing on the debunked “Germ Theory” and Pseudoscience of Virology? Yes, these are factual statements; Germ Theory was debunked over 100 years ago and the only industry keeping it alive is Big Pharma and Rockefeller medicine.

There is a growing movement Worldwide for the Whole TRUTH! Here is just an example of these growing organizations; Show Us The Virus Movement There is a large and growing percentage of Del’s audience he is losing because of this issue. At least give this side of the conversation some airtime.

Here is just a small list of experts, and I know there are many more:- Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Dr. Tom Cowan- Dr. Robert O. Young- Dr. Sam Bailey- Dr. Barre Lando- Dr. Kelly Brogan- Dr. Carrie Madej- Dr. Stefan Lanka- Dr. Mark McDonald

I appreciate you listening to my thoughts and show ideas. Thank you for your time!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

(Reply from Jimmy June 2, 2022) Hi Caroline,

Please share the “Proof” you mentioned and we can go from there if what you send does show the actual proof that Germ Theory is fake. We cannot move forward with your request until we actually read the data. As I’ve already said, we have talked about this issue on The Highwire with both Cowan and Kaufman. So I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’d love to see this issue get airtime on the show when I’m fact it already has. Right now this debate over Germ Theory and Terrain Theory is not helpful in winning this fight. In fact it does the opposite of what we all want. We are winning already using the arguments that have been established to change the narrative and change people's hearts and minds. I hope you can understand our position and need to see the actual data before moving forward.

Sincerely, James (Jimmy)Scherrer

(Reply to Jimmy June 2, 2022) Dear Jimmy,

I agree with you 100%! I did not realize Tom was also a guest on the Highwire. I was aware that Andy was. I will look for the show with Tom, I will love to see it. I agree we are winning! From my perspective we have already WON! Because the Light always wins over darkness. I also agree, I do not want to see any division within the Truth and Freedom Movement. That is what the Elite want, to divide and conquer. The reason I feel this issue is so important is because if Humanity Wakes Up to the Truth we do not get sick from these made up viruses, they cannot keep pulling the same old trick on us. Look, they have already moved on now to Monkeypox.

One thing Andy did say to me, he is always being asked to PROVE viruses do not exist. Now, this is not possible because a person cannot prove that something that does not exist, doesn't exist. However, I will do my best to gather the information about the studies done in the early 1900's that disproved Germ Theory. I will do my homework and get as much information I can find on those studies. 

Thank you so much again!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline After looking for the show, it turns out that Tom Cowan was never a guest on the Highwire.

(Sent on June 9, 2022) Dear Jimmy,

You told me that Tom Cowan has been a guest on the Highwire. I would love to see that. I went to the website and searched on his name, all the search came up with was a transcript from Episode 229: COVID: KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT; not a show video. I scanned through the transcript, and there was no mention of Tom. What episode was Tom a guest on? I would like to see it. Thank you.

Also, I sent you some evidence to back up the flaws in Germ Theory, however, I did not receive a response from you.

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

(Reply from Jimmy June 9, 2022)

Hi Caroline,

I’m not sure what episode it was, I may be mistaken but I thought we had them both on at some point. I understand you think this is a very important topic but honestly it doesn’t help the fight for health freedom. But in fact only creates more Challenges for the mainstream masses to try and understand. It’s not a winning argument at this time. Like we’ve always said, there needs to be a massive investment of time and money to look into terrain theory deeper. 

Also, regarding what you told me Kaufman said about not being able to prove something that doesn’t exist actually doesn’t exist doesn’t make sense. It is the opposite from my perspective. If something doesn’t exist, it can and should be easily proven. Like unicorns or Minotaurs for example, they do not exists and it’s easily proven that they don’t exist. If germs don’t exist then why do people get sick from the same germ? I believe it’s a balance between both. The overall health of our “terrain” (bodies), prevent us from becoming sick or infected but that does not “prove” germs and bacteria don’t exist. Also, what you sent me is not proof, it’s theoretical arguments in favor of terrain theory. It will be an issue that we will look into further and discuss in more detail on the show but now is definitely not the right time. I appreciate your commitment to this issue but it’s not something that will help win this war on our body autonomy, it will only set us back right now. Most people aren’t able to even consider this concept and it will take a lot of people a lot of time to begin that journey with themselves.

Sincerely, James (Jimmy)Scherrer Del’s Manager

(Reply to Jimmy June 9, 2022)

Dear Jimmy,

Again, I will say, my intention is NOT to divide the Truth and Freedom Movement at all. I am all about Unity and ONENESS! The only way Humanity WINS is to Unite. And we can unite and not always agree, that is Unity within Diversity. Your reply above actually does not address any of the points I have made. Number ONE point is Germ Theory has NEVER been proven to be True. No so-called virus has EVER been isolated and proven to cause any illness. This is not theory; this is a FACT. What I sent you was evidence of 187 FOIA Requests globally asking for proof of a virus, have all come back empty. Even the CDC admits they do not have proof of a virus. If no one in the world can show proof of a virus, how can they make the claim that this so-called virus causes any illness? The bottom line of Terrain is that toxins and poisons make us sick. This is not a theory; this is a proven FACT. 

I hear that argument a lot, that people are not ready for this; that the Germ Theory is false. However, I am not a scientist or expert and I understand it completely. I think when we say people are not ready for something, we are underestimating the masses. Now is the perfect time for this for many reasons. As I stated in a previous email, they will keep throwing one scam after another at us like Monkeypox. When the whole Truth is out, they cannot keep up with these ridiculous scams.

I do understand no matter what I say will change your mind and I am not arguing with you and Del. If Andy was not able to get this important point across to you guys and he is the expert, there is no way I can get this important point across either. I do appreciate you engaging me in this conversation. All is good! I Know that the TRUTH will always see the Light of day! I do appreciate the work that the Highwire is doing and all of Del's efforts. I KNOW that the LIGHT has already WON this, because the Light always WINS.

Much Love & Appreciation Always, Caroline

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