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Dr. Paul Thomas MD Independent Study

(Originally published January 31, 2023)

Dr. Paul Thomas is one the few pediatricians that actually gave all of his patient’s parents INFORMED CONSENT about vaccines. He informs each parent about ALL the possible side effects with each vaccine.

The CDC absolutely refuses to do a study of fully vaccinated children compared to completely unvaccinated children. "I wonder why?" I would think if the CDC wanted to prove that vaccinating children is the best thing for our children’s health, they would surely want to do this study and share the results with everyone.

Because Dr. Paul has some patients that are completely unvaccinated, some particularly vaccinated and some fully vaccinated; he was in the perfect position to do his own independent study comparing unvaccinated children with fully vaccinated children. He did not include the partially vaccinated children in his study.

His independent study proves that unvaccinated children are FAR HEALTHIER than fully vaccinated children. (See the charts from his study below.) He is not the only doctor who has done this study, and they have had the SAME results.

Because Dr. Paul is an honest doctor and speaks TRUTH; he has been heavily censored by the medical establishment. They took away his medical license for telling the TRUTH! His research is extremely valid, and he is an extremely credible medical doctor.

Why does the medical establishment NOT want everyone to know about the dangers of vaccines? They are toxins and heavy metals in vaccines? Why are they injecting newborn babies with Aluminum, which can cause brain damage? Why is ALL TRUE information about the possible harm of vaccines being CENSORED.

A newborn baby is injected with 250 micrograms of Aluminum regardless of the baby’s weight. By the time a baby is 18 months old they will have had 3000 to 5000 micrograms of Aluminum infected into them.

These injections continue until children are 18 years old on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule. In 1986 the CDC childhood vaccines schedule was 24 doses from birth to 18 years old. Now the CDC childhood vaccine schedule starts before a child is born, by injecting pregnant mothers. Before birth to 18 years old is now over 76 doses.

With the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 the pharmaceutical Industry is shielded from all liability. It is “We” the Taxpayer that pays for vaccine injuries in Vaccine Court. And only about 10% of claims actually receive compensation.

Dr. Paul Thomas is an award-winning Dartmouth-trained pediatrician with nearly 30 years of experience in pediatrics. He is an expert on addiction and in Addiction Medicine. He is the co-author of the book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health—from Pregnancy through Your Child’s Teen Years.

Charts Of Study

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