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Make Big Pharma Responsible – Bill H.R.9366

(Originally published January 27, 2023) There is a New Bill that has been introduced in Congress H.R.9366 — 117th Congress. The Bill was introduced on November 30, 2022 by Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.

H.R.9366 - To amend titles III and XXI of the Public Health Service Act to hold vaccine manufacturers liable for injuries caused by vaccines subject to a public mandate, and for other purposes.

Making all pharmaceutical companies responsible for any harm that Covid vaccines mandates has caused.

The people of the United States were asleep in 1986 when they allowed Congress to give the pharmaceutical companies a FREE pass on harming and killing our children with vaccine injuries and deaths. By allowing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to be signed into law.

The NCVI Act of 1986 is Unlawful, Unconstitutional, Criminal and goes against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics. Yes, this Criminal law has been on the books here in the United States for 37 years!

Now with all the death and harm these Covid shots are causing all across the world, there is finally a Bill in Congress right now that can put an end to all of this. India does not have the Pfizer or Moderna Covid shots because India stood their ground and would not give Pfizer or Moderna a license to harm their citizens without paying for the harm their products might cause.

India was so smart! However, not the United States. Just like in 1986, the US Government gave Big Pharma a license to harm and kill and not have to be liable for any of it.

I have made it my mission this year to see the end of the NCVI Act of 1986, and this New Bill that was recently introduced into Congress is just what is needed to bring down that Criminal Act from 37 years ago. This is only going on because most of Americans are clueless to what is happening with Big Pharma and our government. Big Pharma will do their best to try to kill this Bill if We The People do not stand up for it.

We MUST all write to our State Representatives that we are in support of H.R.9366. We want the pharmaceutical companies to take responsibility for all the harm and death they are causing.

You will not hear about this Bill on mainstream News. That is why it is up to all of us to share this information. Let not fall asleep at the wheel again and allow the government and Big Pharma to keep getting away with murder.

It is now up to us We The People to put a stop to this madness! Everyone should write to their state representatives in support of H.R.9366, letting Congress and the Senate know we want the pharmaceutical industry to be LIABLE for all the harm they are causing. Here is a chance not to just complain about the problems, however, to actually be a part of the solution!

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