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Open Letter to RFK Jr. With A Quick Personal Response

Updated: Jun 28

Dear RFK Jr., Del, Mary, CHD, & ICAN,

As a mother whose daughter was killed by a mandatory vaccine, she was forced to get to attend college, I am asking all of you to please answer one question for me. That question is: “How can you make poison safer?”

All of you state that you stand for Health Freedom and have built your non-profit organizations on the premise that you stand for Health Freedom. If that is the truth, then this question should not be difficult to answer at all.

I am aware that since Peggy Hall, myself, and many others started asking this question many months ago, there has been no reply. I am aware that Del has attempted to respond to Peggy’s concerns in a show a few weeks ago. However, he never addressed this simple question.

I created a website in March to make the public aware of the 2011 Supreme Court Ruling, which most people are completely unaware of. More and more people are becoming aware of the 1986 Act, yet barely anyone is aware of that 2011 Supreme Court ruling. Even the person with CHD that replied to my text was not aware of that ruling.

When I was sharing my website, SupremeCourtRulingAwareness, I was attacked by someone who worships Del. She was not interested in the facts or in the truth, she just idolized Del. I am aware that Peggy is also receiving criticism from many people who idolize RFK Jr. This movement is not about idolizing a celebrity. This movement is about helping to put a STOP TO THE MADNESS of giving babies from birth to 18 years old, 76 doses of poison, including COVID-19, which is on the current CDC Childhood schedule.

Del has stated many times that he does not have “Skin in the game”. Well, I have a lot of “Skin in the game.” I am the demographics that you state that your nonprofits exist for to help and inform. I intend to make this an Open Letter on both of my websites and share it far and wide.

I am launching a new video series dedicated to this topic. “How can you make poison safe?” I will be sharing my journey and have expert guests that Del refuses to have on the Highwire.

As a mother whose daughter was killed, I do not need Half-Truths, and no one needs safer poison. All true scientific evidence proves that our God-given natural immunity is all a person needs to stay healthy. I am a 62-year-old grandmother and I only had one vaccine in my entire life, and I am far healthier than many people half my age.

I would love to receive a reply to this letter from either of you. However, from past experience I doubt if I will receive a response. If you truly had nothing to hide, you would reply to this letter as soon as possible.

As I have stated many times, what I am asking and saying does not in the least take away from any of the good that The Highwire, CHD, and ICAN have done. However, it’s time to do much more! This madness had been going on for far too long, since the 1960s when John F. Kennedy signed an executive order/bill bringing vaccines into public schools.

After watching Peggy’s video from yesterday. There are millions of dollars going to Big Pharma for Vaccine Safety Testing, yet all the millions of families that have been harmed by vaccines cannot get a penny. That is TRUE insanity. And it looks like the true premise of your organizations is to push this agenda of Vaccine Safety Testing.

Therefore, when Big Pharma and the government come up with so-called “Safe Vaccines” they can mandate those so-called Safe Vaccines onto the public. I think not!

Thank you for listening!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

I received an immediate reply from RFK Jr. within 5 minutes.

Reply from RFK Jr.

Dear Carol. I’m heartbroken  to hear about your daughter.  Unfortunately, this is a story we hear repeated day after day.   I am very sorry that you haven’t been able to get a response from CHD or from Del.  Del and I are both working 80 hours weeks on the presidential campaign.  Both Del and i have given up our careers to ask the question you pose. . We both use litigation , education and advocacy to extract an answer from the corrupt officials and crooked government agencies that are running the vaccine program. We are both very much aware of the Supreme Court decision in Brusewitz.  We have both been involved in extensive litigation designed to reverse this cataclysmic finding. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

My reply to RFK Jr.

Dear Bobby,

I hope it is OK for me to call you Bobby! I am very surprised and very happy to receive your quick reply to my letter. I do understand that your campaign at this moment is taking top priority for you. And I can only imagine how busy you must be.

Yes, I know very well that you and Del are aware of the Supreme Court’s ruling. It’s the public that needs to be made aware of this ruling. Just this information alone will have parents looking deeper into the CDC childhood vaccine schedule. That is why I created the awareness website.

As I stated, as a mother in my situation, this issue is my top priority for me. I would LOVE to meet with you in person when your schedule allows. I would also like for Del or anyone on his team to have this important conversation with me. This question is not going away.

The more information I am learning is not helping me as a mother feel confidence in these organizations at the moment. I was glued to the Highwire in 2020 and even donated to ICAN. However, now it’s hard for me to watch the show. An open and honest conversation can clear up any confusion. However, being ignored will only add to the confusion and mis-trust.

As far as all the extensive litigation, much of that is the issue. My brother is an attorney and I have a very good understanding of the law. And just looking at the 2011 Supreme Court Ruling as an example proves the corruption in the legal system. However, I do know that ICAN has made many wins, that I commend them on. Yet, going that route, through the corrupt legal system is going extremely SLOW. Because the system is corrupt.

A much quicker approach is informing the public of the Full Truth about how the 1986 Act came about and things like the illegal 2011 Supreme Court ruling. Once the public is fully informed, they will make the best decision for their family.

That is all that is really needed. Because when 80 – 90% of families decide NOT to vaccinate their children. Then “Game Over” for Big Pharma and the corrupt governmental systems. The people have all the power! They always have and always will.

I very much appreciate your quick response to my letter, and not being ignored. I do hope to meet you in person and hopefully get any confusion cleared up.

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline


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