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The Supreme Court Ruled That Vaccines Are UNSAFE in 2011

(Originally published February 12, 2024)

When my daughter, Neukeyia, passed away a little over a year ago from a mandatory vaccine, she had to take to attend college in 1998. My first thought was to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer, with the intended goal of getting the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 repealed.

Last year when I first reached out to the Children’s Health Defense (CHD), I did get a reply and I was directed to the Wisner Baum Law Firm. I contacted them and we engaged in a few emails back and forth. I also received an email from an attorney who said I was recommended to her by Bobby Kennedy (RFK Jr.).

Wow, I felt really good that it seemed like RFK Jr. was interested in my case. The attorney and I had a phone conversation for less than 5 minutes. She never let me tell her about my case, then she rudely told me. “Let us attorney handle this.” The ‘this’ she was talking about was getting the 1986 Act repealed. My thoughts were that the attorneys have not been doing much for the past 36 years.

This Year I Had a New Plan

Then this year, my plan changed to bring a class action lawsuit against the federal government for mandating Unsafe products. I reached out to 3 law firms that focus on vaccine injuries and deaths. The ICAN Legal Team, headed by Aaron Siri, Wisner Baum Law Firm, and JW Howard Law Firm. I received no reply from either of these firms, not even an acknowledgment that they received my email.

I reached out to two civil rights attorneys. The first one told me to wait until Donald Trump is in office again, and the 2nd attorney I received no reply from. Not even an acknowledgment.

In the past month, I reached out to two non-profit organizations that are devoted to Health Freedom. The first one again was the Children's Health Defense (CHD), which I did get an acknowledgment that my email would be passed on. The 2nd organization was the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF). I finally did get a reply.

The HFDF Response

The HFDF was kind enough to reply to my email informing me that the federal government does not mandate vaccines. The only time the federal government mandated a vaccine was in 2021, when they mandated an experimental shot, that never even met the true definition of a vaccine, onto the American workforce. I think we all know what shot that was, the COVID-19 shot.

Basically, it is the state governments that mandate vaccines for school attendance. Therefore, the federal government protects pharmaceutical manufacturers from ALL liability with the 1986 Act, and it’s the state government that mandates these Unsafe products. I am very glad that the HFDF brought this very important point to my attention.

The Government Will Never Repeal The 1986 Act

Knowing full well that the government has no intention of ever repealing the 1986 Act. I learned from the interview that Del Bigtree did with Barbara Loe Fisher on the Highwire, that Congress's only goal was to protect Big Pharma before negotiations even began. There were many safety provisions written in the original 1986 Act. Many safety provisions which were intended to protect children from harm. However, not one of those safety provisions was ever upheld by Congress.

Not even Robert Kennedy Jr. who is running for President, and the founder of CHD has mentioned a word about repealing the 1986 Act if he is elected President. It is obvious to me that no one is really making any real attempts to get this illegal, unconstitutional, unjust, criminal 1986 Act repealed. Because, once Big Pharma no longer has protection from the 1986 Act, they will stop making vaccines overnight.

The overwhelming evidence that the US government is completely corrupt inside and out, on both sides, on all sides, and owned and controlled by Big Pharma. I published a good article on this the first of this year. However, AMP News has been sold and there is no more website for AMP News Journal. I will republish this article soon on this website.

There is Only One Solution

The only solution to this tyrannical law and tyrannical government that protects Big Pharma is for ‘We the People’ to make this law obsolete and irrelevant. We can do this easily by making everyone aware of the 1986 Act, which I was not aware of until 2020. And making everyone aware of the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2011, declaring that all vaccines are unsafe.

Most people are unaware of the Supreme Court ruling from the Justices in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, stating “Vaccines are Unavoidably Unsafe". However, these Unavoidably Unsafe products are mandated by the state government for ALL children to attend school. I was not aware of this court ruling until December 2022, just after my daughter passed away.

Now here is where the Supreme Court is wrong in their ruling. They state, “Vaccines are Unavoidably Unsafe". However, vaccines are very avoidable! When people know the truth about the 1986 Act, the truth about the Supreme Court ruling, the truth about all the vaccine injuries and deaths. When people know the truth, they will stop getting themselves and their children vaccinated.

With the Supreme Court ruling declaring that vaccines are Unsafe. That makes everyone entitled to a medical exception from vaccines. Every state allows for a medical exemption. Most states allow for religious exemptions, and a few states even allow for philosophical exemptions. Because the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land has declared that vaccines are UNSAFE, every man, woman, and child can get a medical exemption from all vaccines.

Here are the FACTS that everyone should know, especially parents.

1)     In 1986 Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which gives pharmaceutical companies full protection from liability for any injuries and death caused by vaccines. As long as they call it a vaccine, they are fully protected. Basically, the government gave Big Pharma the license to kill.

2)      There were safety measures written into the original 1986 Act, however, not one of those safety measures has been upheld by Congress. The Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC Supreme Court case in 2011 is a perfect example of that.

3)      In the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC Supreme Court case, the manufacturer had clearly violated one of the safety provisions in the original 1986 Act. However, the court still sided with the manufacturer. This goes to my point above, none of the safety provisions written into the 1986 ACT have been upheld by Congress or the courts.

4)      When Harvard did an independent study of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system they discovered that less than 1% of all vaccine injuries and deaths were being reported to VARES. This was another safety provision in the original 1986 Act that was never upheld by Congress.

5)      The CDC refuses to do a study of fully unvaccinated children compared to fully vaccinated children. However, this study has been done many times by independent doctors, such as Dr. Paul Thomas. In Dr. Paul’s 10-year study, he discovered that unvaccinated children are FAR healthier than vaccinated children.

6)      The Amish community is also another independent study. There is no autism in the Amish community. They do not vaccinate their children. Many other chronic illnesses are far lower in the Amish community.

7)      There is absolutely NO INFORMED CONSENT! Each person should be given a complete list of possible side effects for each vaccine before a vaccine is ever administered. Just like at the end of a drug commercial. This goes against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.

It is NOW time that 'We the People' put an end to this madness. Only we can, because the government does not care about you and your family. There is no reason that every man, woman, and child in this country does not know the full FACTS about vaccines. Once they know the facts, then they can make an informed choice.

I kicked off this movement by writing a letter to Del Bigtree and ICAN this morning. You can download a PDF of that Open letter to Del and share it.

The next step is to share this Informative PDF to educate people about the Truth about vaccines. Please share both PDF files.

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